Types of Visa

Visa Information

Types of Visa

1. No Visa Required for ASEAN Countries

- No Visa Needed if you stay less than 30 days
- No Visa Needed if your passport validity is min.6 months


2. Visa on Arrival (VoA)

- Apply at the Airport during Arrival
- Valid for 30 days, can be extended once for 30 days (max. 60 days in total)
- Costs around IDR 500,000 (USD 35)

Check the list of countries to see if your country is on VoA list


3. B211A Visit Visa

- Apply through the existing or nearest Embassy of Indonesia in your country
- Valid for 60 days, extendable twice for 60 days each
- Check the list of countries to see if you need B211A Visit Visa

4. Calling Visa
- For those of you who come from countries that need calling visa, please contact us directly at thenewlandscapesummit23@gmail.com. We will fully assist you through the process.